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    Fully electric, autonomous boats and green hydrogen. Experience the pure energy and magic of maritime future technology!

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Unleash Future Boats - Bringing Future Mobility on the Water to Life

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Unleash Future Boats presents Future Mobility on the water. This is a video of our journey to develop autonomous zero emission boats and ships.

After 4 years of research and development, we founded Unleash Future Boats to make our concepts a reality.

Our company is promoted and supported by the United Nations, the federal government and the state level.

Join our mission and become part of an exciting adventure!

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Sunday, 01. August 2021
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Unleash Future Boats is a DeepTech Start-up providing solutions for the biggest problems in shipping: environmental pollution and low water. Shipping is responsible for 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions, diesel, residues and lubricants pollute the oceans, and conventional boats are also very noisy. Climate change is causing low water levels on many shipping routes, which leads to restrictions in shipping. Urbanization is increasing population and traffic, so new ways of transportation are urgently needed.

Lars and Stefanie Engelhard, the two minds behind Unleash Future Boats, develop autonomous and environmentally friendly ships. They have an electric propulsion with fuel cells and green hydrogen. This means that they are completely zero emission - for the air, the water and in terms of noise pollution. The individual mobility for every day is shifted from the street on the water, intermodal and connected.

Electric passenger ferries will be built as first step, which will have the first usage on the Schlei. The barrier-free ‘Schleiboats’ can transport 12 passengers as well as bicycles, wheelchairs and strollers. In the future, they will be available ‘on demand’ and autonomously. Passengers can call them like a taxi using an app.

Unleash Future Boats moved in their new shipyard - the old liquor factory. They are currently building the new prototype ZeroOne. Fully equipped with electrical propulsion and sensor system for autonomous test drives. ZeroOne will be launched in spring 2021.

  • This is an outstanding project for sustainable, autonomous and intermodal means of transport is being initiated. It presents our hidden potential widely visible and brings a new type of economic performance to our region.

    BGM Stephan Dose
    Stephan Dose, Mayor of Schleswig
  • When I visited the managing director of Ostseefjord Schlei about 1 1/2 years ago, he briefly introduced me to the idea of Unleash Future Boats GmbH. I immediately agreed to my support.

    MdB Petra Nicolaisen
    Petra Nicolaisen, Member of the Bundestag
  • The vision of autonomous boats is a great opportunity for Germany to gain a pioneering lead position in international competition. This is great benefit for our region! We support Unleash Future Boats GmbH in their pioneering role, because they present advantages of the location on international stage.

    CdS Dirk Schrödter
    Dirk Schroedter, Head of the Schleswig-Holstein State Chancellery
  • AI, autonomous driving and assistance systems - innovation for shipping! Unleash Future Boats GmbH will be the first digital shipyard and the infrastructure project will bring innovation to life for the population.

    Dr Johannes Ripken DiWiSH - Digitale Werft
    Dr. Johannes Ripken, DiWiSH Head of digital cluster/ WTSH GmbH
  • The project is highly innovative and trend-setting. It provides sound solutions for current and future problems. Water and air pollution as well as carbon emissions, as they are currently caused by shipping, are not an issue for these boats.

    AktivRegion Mathias Heintz
    Mathias Heintz, AktivRegion authority Südangeln
  • Unleash Future Boats shows how our future can be made sustainable. The MINT area, the social and ecological commitment of Fridays4Future begins to resonate in this project, as well as the experience of being able to create the future in a positive direction.

    Paul Auls
    Paul Auls, Headmaster of Domschule Schleswig
  • Unleash Future Boats GmbH has a highly innovative solution to make our infrastructure challenges sustainable and future-proof. For Schleswig-Holstein, the company will provide a significant boost into the future. We as the state government support the project accordingly.

    CdS Dirk Schrödter - Landesregierung Schleswig-Holstein
    Dirk Schrödter, Head of the Schleswig-Holstein State Chancellery
  • The planned project designs a hydrogen-powered ferry, which is designed to operate autonomously in the future. Demonstrating innovation on the Schlei leads to a considerable increase in the attractiveness of the entire region and is seen as attraction for international tourism.

    Max Triphaus
    Max Triphaus, Managing Director of Ostseefjord Schlei GmbH
  • State-of-the-art technology using AI, green infrastructure based on hydrogen and the UENSCO World Heritage Site can make the future and the past come alive on the Schlei.

    Astrid Eggert - UNESCO Weltkulturerbe
    Astrid Eggert, UNESCO World Heritage Coordinator